We Make the


Drinklab is born to supply companies a whole range of instant drinks specially made for vending machines and OCS (Office Coffee Service), bar, hotels and restaurants.

Taste is pleasure

Milk, Tea, Chamomile, Chocolate and Coffee are carefully selected by the best producers to give you the strongest flavour and let you fully enjoy your break.

Service is respect

We are aware of the value of timeliness and quality. The word "service" means for us respect to our costumers and the best profit for their business.
e miglior profitto per il loro business.

We will give you a unique


All of our products are developed to give to all the clients a unique and unrepeatable experience.

  • To request the technical data-sheets and the certificate of analysis for every supply we receive is our concern.
  • All the ingredients are without GMO or GM derivates.
  • The quality control ensures hygiene and healthiness standards for the products in every preparation step.

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